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The old bridge used to be hotspot but, sadly, it’s days seem to have passed. Most fish you catch here will be undersized so please release all small fish to give the system a fighting chance.

Upstream of the new bridge, the blowies make fishing a nightmare but crabbing is first class with drop nets from a boat or, my favourite, scoop nets. Any of the sand spits from Channel Island to the Dawesville Channel are thick with big blues from December to March

Halls Head:
There’s no doubt that this is a herring hotspot and the autumn months, especially, produce thousands of fat little herring and gars. Summer is prime time for 35cm tailor and metal lures work very well over the rocky shore break.

Most people fish in front of Oversby St where there are always nice gutters but there is a top reef system in front of Mippi St which has to have some bigger tailor about at the end of summer. During November, Blue Bay always produces nice mulloway.


San Remo to Singleton:
Craig Stevens loves this spot and tells us it’s a great beach for swimming and fishing. Tailor are like blowies most summer nights and he prefers to use Raider lures to bait. You need a nice sea breeze blowing across the ocean to create choppy white water which seems to attract the tailor, although he’s caught tailor down there at 12 noon on a calm day.

The reason for the popularity of this beach is the gutter formations which are constantly moving so a pair of polarising sunglasses will be very useful here. Look for darker sections of the water and fish there. Big mulloway are taken year round in this area all the way up to Singleton and November seems to be the peak time.

This water came straight out the fishing picture book with the caption “tailor water” under it. Take the Merlin St turnoff right from the Old Coast Rd heading south. Turn left into Vanessa St and right quickly into Gretel Rd. Right below the bend in the road you will see a very small section of beach which is almost all reef in front of some rocky cliffs.

The reef drops off into some deep water and, from here, you can cast mulies or lures for big tailor, salmon (in season) and plenty of herring all of the time. Summer is best for the tailor but get there early because it can be shoulder to shoulder.

The Cut:
The Northern Wall Jetty closest to the ocean is a popular spot for herring, whiting, skippy, tarwhine and the odd tailor. Use chook pellets mixed with sardines and a good oil. Go to the River end of the jetty and drop the berley on an outgoing tide and then cast from the ocean end of the jetty. If you dont use burley you dont catch the fish. The best bait is prawn or large blue bait on a gang of hooks. The ocean side of the breakwall provides excellent tailor action at dawn and dusk with salmon in season and the odd mulloway.

Thank you to Craig Stevens for the information about The Cut