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Be Safe on the Water this Crab Fest

Posted by Larissa

Skippers are being urged to plan their trip and make safety the priority if they are going to be on the water for Crab Fest 2013 at Mandurah.

Department of Transport (DoT) Senior Marine Officer for the Peel Region Adam Rando said skippers should ensure they have the required safety gear on board, including navigation lights if they plan to be on the water after dark or before sunrise.

“Crab Fest is a wonderful event and boating enthusiasts who properly prepare their vessel and plan their trip significantly reduce the risk of being involved in an incident on the water,” Mr Rando said.

The temporary on water closures and special arrangements in place for Crab Fest 2013 commencing Thursday March 14, 2013 and concluding Sunday March 17, 2013.

  • Waters downstream of the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge to a location drawn from Carter Street, north east to Dorsodura Way and the entry/exit of the Port Mandurah Canals will close 15 minutes before the wakeboarding event and fireworks display.
  • A vessel holding area will be available downstream from the location drawn from Carter Street north east to Dorsodura Way to view the fireworks.
  • Vessels may not anchor within a 100 metre radius of the fireworks launching area and there’s strictly no entry to the closed waters.
  • For the wakeboard event, slider ramp systems will be installed Thursday 14 March 2013 and will remain until 18 March 2013. They will be lit to beyond international requirements to ensure visibility. Those navigating the area are to proceed with extreme caution, at a safe speed not exceeding 8 knots.  Navigation warnings will also be broadcast to alert skippers of the presence of the sliders.

 DoT Marine Officers and Peel Water Police Officers will be patrolling during the event to monitor safety compliance and assist members of the boating community. For more information about the on water arrangements contact 1300 863 308.